In order to qualify for motorcycle rental, the interested party is required to possess a driving license for more than a year since the date of issue and also possess basic driving experience. The interested party is obliged to sign that they have acquired the vehicle undamaged and are also responsible to return it in the same condition in which they have received it. Rental is  prohibited for non-adults and people under the influence of alchohol or other substances. Rental vehicles are only intended for road use. Inappropriate use or demonstrative exhibition will result in the imminent removal of the vehicle from the owner.


Use of helmet is advised (it is provided for free). Any sort of law violation or fine, is strictly charged upon the current customer and not the owner. All vehicles are standard licensed. This means that insurance coverance is limited to the case of collision with other vehicles and doesn’t cover other damages that may occur. It is the customer’s responsibility to return the vehicle with the same amount and type of fuel  they have acquired it.

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